How hackers hack a Facebook account

Have you ever experienced seeing an uncommon link posted by your buddie in Facebook? Links like these can leave you wanting to click on it. But if you know your buddy too well and you think that he or she will never post that type of link then it may be the work of a hacker. How could you know? Here are some ideas that you might find really beneficial.

  1. Comparison Between Identity Of The User and The Posted Linkfacebook mobile hack
    Do you certainly think that a friend of yours who is conservative or perhaps your grandma, have the identity to post a link on facebook that will lead to a pornography website? These links don't only lead to porno websites but to different other websites that may steal your individual info and even your money. Furthermore, certain websites can hack Facebook accounts online which makes it increasingly dangerous. One of the many harmful sites include phishing websites. If you're not going to be directed to a phishing or pornography web site, you might be asked to download a rogue software.
  2. Use Words As One Of The Many Signs
    If you see an uncommon post or link, ensure that you check on the words used as it will offer you a hint. Usual expressions can't be simply imitated by hackers particularly if they aren't familiar with the language being used by the owner of the account. You can use this tip to detect if the account has been compromised by sites such as Hayy, simply because hackers aren't used to the slang words used specially if they're hacking an account from a different region or country.
  3. Unbelievable Message
    Instantly think about a post as uncommon if it asks for money and personal information from you. To confirm that you're not being scammed, talk to the family of the one who posted the message or link for verification purposes. You'll know if it's true if you talk to them individually. Never allow yourself to get played by hackers. Be careful. If you can not reach your friend, then send him or her a text. You can verify their identity even by sending a text if you include a personal question that they must answer.
  4. Never ignore the format of the link?
    Simple posting on Facebook is achieved using the services of You could be fooled as the link doesn't look like it will lead you to any site that's unfavorable when it fact clicking it can install a malware inside your computer.
  5. Find Out If It Had Been Shared To All
    You needs to be warned if you see links that are malicious posted not only in your wall but on the wall of other customers. Facebook has an option that permits all users to see all the post on the wall and that may be troublesome with regards to hacking. As they have a pretty good idea that their link will be seen by many through this choice, they'll take benefit of it. The links spread further when the friend of the initial user shares it with their own set of friends.